loredani salzburg

Loredani is an elegant Boutique in the heart of the old town of Salzburg, where the absolute protagonist is the bag! Whether handbag, shoulder bag or shopper, bags are the most important accessory of the woman and the fashion-conscious man.  

Whether large or small, classic black or in fancy colors, with or without technical tools - all bags have one thing in common with Loredani: They come from high-quality manufactories from Italy and are made from first-class materials and above all with great love.  

High-quality and anything but boring are the hand travel and business bags and backpacks from PIQUADRO, FEDON 1919 and NAVA DESIGN, which are the best Italian brands for business bags.

These brands have been present on the international market for several decades and are distinguished by their attention to material quality, design and customer satisfaction.   Loredani is proud to present the exclusive collection of designer bags handcrafted entirely by Italian designer Sabrina Romano in the ROSAMARO brand!  

The Rosamaro collection embodies the tradition of Made in Italy, which differs from mass-produced, as it is handmade with materials of excellent quality and refined design. Rosamaro is the forefront of our boutique by creating unique artwork bags for a strong, purposeful and independent woman.

Great emphasis is placed on high quality and products made of natural materials.   Loredani also offers an exclusive collection of shoes made exclusively in Italy, in collaboration with the best craftsmen representing a centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship.  

Inspire yourself when visiting our boutique in the Münzgasse 1 in Salzburg!